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Solvent-borne acrylic fixative intended to consolidate masonry surfaces.
High penetration ability and capable to regulate fragile or loose surfaces.

  • Sealing effect over porous or loose surfaces
  • Regulates surface absorption
  • Makes adhesion of subsequent layers easier
  • Excellent adhesion over concrete
  • Supplies antidust effect
  • Provides anticarbonation properties to concrete
  • Reduces efflorescence generation
  • Triple protection supplied: fungicide, bactericide and algaecide
  • Resists support’s alkalinity


+ To be use both indoors and outdoors: previous preparation on masonry surfaces (concrete, gypsum, plaster, cement, stone or old surfaces) before painting with latex, acrylic, vinyl or chlorinated rubber coatings.
+ Specially suited for sealing and levelling mineral surfaces in bad condition, with efflorescence, dust or a high absorption ability.

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Technical sheet (TDS)

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