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Alkyd primer phenolic modified with anticorrosive pigments.
Excellent adhesion over multiple surfaces.

  • Excellent anticorrosive properties in environments up to highly aggressive category (C4 – ISO 12944)
  • Contains HIGH PERFORMANCE anticorrosive pigments
  • Direct adhesion over steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, brass, copper and other light alloys *
  • Recoatable with most of 1K and 2K products
  • Excellent adhesion over manually prepared surfaces (minimum preparation grade St3)
  • Easy application using airless spray, roller or brush
* Adhesion over aluminium and galvanized steel depends on the specific aliminium alloy and the type of galvanizing respectively, so a previous test is recommended


+ Certified to be used un aggressive C3 environments (Medium Durability) according to norm UNE-EN ISO 12944 as part of the following system: AK02 – PV. Alkyd Multiprimer  (60 microns) + AK02 – PV. Alkyd Multiprimer  (60 microns) + AK04 – PV. Alkyd Top Coat (60 microns).

+ Anticorrosive protection system to 200ºC as part of the following system: AK02 – PV. Alkyd Multiprimer  (40 microns) + AK05 – PV. Alkyd Top Coat Alu  (20 microns) + AK05 – PV. Alkyd Top Coat Alu (20 microns).


+ Intended to be used outdoors and indoors, either in workshops or on field.
+ Suitable for maintenance over steel with previous manual preparation up to grade St3 (ISO 8501/1).
+ Over metallic surfaces where a good anticorrosive protection in highly aggressive environments (up to C4 – ISO 12944) is needed.
+ For any kind of industrial structures, building and construction, both outdoors and indoors: industrial premises, coastal areas with a moderate salinity, highly polluted areas, etc.
+ Can be used as a temporary protection (shop primer) or for brand new steel structures

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