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Brilliant enamel based on alkyd resins.
Offers good weathering resistance and quick drying.

  • Brilliant finish
  • Excellent wetting and adhesion over primer
  • Very good superficial hardness
  • Quick drying
  • Resistant to splatters from water, oil, grease and aliphatic solvents
  • Not recommended for alkaline or acid environments
  • Unlimited recoatability
  • Applicable over alkyd systems
  • Easy application by brush or roller


+ Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
+ Used as general finish coating over alkyd primer or intermediate, in rural, industrial or marine environments with moderate chemical aggressiveness.
+ General use for painting industrial or farm machinery, steel profiles, ship decks, roof trusses, nahdrails, pipes, pumps, radiators, doors, grilles, windows and any other surface, made of either wood or steel.
+ For maintenance, using a one-component product, in different environments such as offshore platforms, chemical and petrochemical plants, paper production plants, etc.
+ Available in most colours using our VILLACHROM Tinting System.

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