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Aluminium-pigmented alkyd finish coating.
Bears temperatures up to 200ºC. Great light reflectance ability.

  • High resistance to sun and dry heat (up to 200ºC and peaks of 250ºC)
  • Aesthetic brilliant finish with great reflectance to sunlight
  • Reflectance ability reduces inside temperature
  • Supplies anticorrosive properties via barrier effect
  • Suitable for immersion painting or using an aerogrpah spray gun with cup


+ Recommended finish over primer or intermediates, either indoors and outdoors.
+ Over metallic surfaces when an anticorrosive finish is required to bear temperatures up to 200ºC in moderately aggressive environments (up to C3 – Norm ISO 12944).
+ Suitable as new coating or maintenance on industrial equipment and structures such as: chimneys, high temperature pipes, heat exchangers, etc.
+ For protection and/or decoration of roof trusses, windows, fences, domestic pipes, etc.
+ For retouching and maintenance.
+ Can be applied over concrete and wood.

Anticorrosive protection system 200ºC:

– First layer: AK02 PV. Alkyd Multiprimer (40 microns)*
– Second layer: AK05 PV. Alkyd Top Coat Alu (20 microns)
– Third layer: AK05 PV. Alkyd Top Coat Alu (20 microns)

*Over steel blasted to grade Sa 2 1/2 (ISO 8501/1)

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