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Brilliant enamel based on alkyd resins.
Offers very short drying and handling times.

  • Very quick drying
  • Short recoating and handling times
  • Can be piled up after 4 hours
  • Good resistance to weathering
  • Good flexibility and hardness
  • Resistant to splatters from water, oil and grease
  • Good adhesion over both primed and untreated steel
  • Easy application by manual spray, airless, roller or brush
  • Available in any colour / Suitable for our Tinting System


+ Used as general finish coating over steel.
+ Good durability in rural industrial environments and marine environments with a moderate chemical aggressiveness.
+ Suitable to be used indoors and outdoors.
+ For general use when coating machinery, radiators, ship’s decks, vehicles, etc and any other surface made of steel or wood.
+ For coating fences, doors, windows,furniture and structural steel.

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