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Potassium silicate primer in an aqueous dispersion.
Recommended product to fix and strengthen surfaces.

  • Offers an excellent adhesion, attaching itself to the surface by a chemical link
  • Does not get peeled off as no film formation done
  • Good permeability to water vapour, allowing the surface to breath and avoiding blistering
  • Excellent resistance to environmental agents and UV rays
  • Consolidates and protects porous surfaces
  • Resistant to mildew and microorganism formation
  • High weathering resistance
  • Fireproof
  • Easy to apply


+ Recommended for surface treatment on building materials before applying VILLASIL coating.
+ Strengthens all kind of mineral surfaces such as mortars, plasters, concrete, bricks, natural stone, etc. with low porosity.
+ Recommended as a first layer when full shade or dark colours finishings are needed to avoid colour variation in final appearance.
+ As thinner for VILLASIL coating.

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