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High-tech ceramic coating supplying heat-isolation on roofs and façades.
Provides durability and increased energy savings.

  • Excellent thermal protection due to its high reflectivity (>80% ASTM E903-12)
  • Reduces indoors temperature and energy use
  • Waterproof with great resistance to weathering agents
  • Excellent flexibility at low temperatures / Elongation of 300%
  • High resistance to tractions and blows
  • Adhesion over any kind of surface
  • Avoid corrosion under isolation (CUI)
  • Excellent permeability to water vapour and resistance to washing
  • Resistant to dirt absortion
  • Higher UV resistance than conventional waterproofing coatings
  • Anti-fungus and anti-algae effect
  • Excellent hiding power applied as a conventional paint with no need of finishing coat
  • Ecological product with no organic solvents, no toxic components or products potentially harmful for people or the environment


+ Determination of solar reflection estimated according to Norm ASTM E903-12.
Determination of solar emissivity estimated according to Norm ASTM C1371-04a (2010)e1.
Determination of SRI index according to Norm ASTM E1980-11.
+ Fire-resistant material (B-s2, d0) according to UNE-EN 13501-1:2007.


+ Recommended for façades and roofs in houses and industrial buildings to obtain significant energy savings due to its thermal properties.
+ Over old or aged asphalt fabrics: extends its lifespan creating an isolation system, removing toxic bad odours derived from asphalt and improving indoor comfort.
+ Over dumpsters, prefabricated houses and site huts.
+ Used as waterproofing coating on terraces, roofs and over a wide range of surfaces with no need of special equipment and protecting walls against water filtrations.
+ As a bridge for cracks and fissures. When reinforced with a glass fiber mat, its traction resistance gets considerably increased
+ Recommended for restoration of old facilities when this task is difficult and expensive: Aislantum application is easy, comfortable and cheap, obtaining an excellent finish and getting a better indoors comfort.
+ For tank roofs, valves, pipes and pumps, reducing surface temperature and replacing polyurethane foams.

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