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High-tech ceramic paint supplying heat-isolation indoors.
Provides thermal insulation, anticondensation effect, anti-mildew effect and acoustic barrier.

  • Reduces indoors temperature during summer and keeps interior heat during winter
  • Anticondensation effect reducing the risk of mildew formation
  • High traction and abrasion resistance
  • Helps to dispel noise and offers a high dirt resistance
  • Excellent permeability to water vapour and resistance to washing
  • Excellent hiding power applied as a conventional paint with the same aesthetic properties


+ Recommended to avoid condensation and mildew and algae growing indoors by reducing the thermal difference within walls, specially during winter.
+ Delivers significant energetic savings by uniformly distributing the heat indoors.
+ Reduces dirt and dust hold on walls.
+ Improves the acoustic conditioning by reducing reverberation in large or empty halls or where a noise limit is established, such as pubs and clubs
+ White, other colours on demand.

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Technical sheet (TDS)

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