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Water-based acrylic primer with anticorrosive pigments.
Excelent adhesion over numerous surfaces.

  • Excellent adhesion over a wide range of surfaces
  • Quick dry
  • Easy application by brush, roller and spray gun
  • No sanding needed to be recoated
  • Excellent sealing ability
  • Can be recoated with any kind of water-based paints, synthetic enamels, epoxies and polyurethanes
  • Ecological product with a low content of organic solvents and free from toxic contaminants potentially harmful to the environment and health
  • Meets limits established in the European directive 2004/2004/CE about maximum VOCs values for paints to be used domestically


+ Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
+ As anticorrosive protection primer for iron, steel and galvanized steel.
+ Over non-ferric metals as bonding bridge for copper, brass, lead, etc, allowing subsequent recoating using a finish coating.
+ Over plastics such as PVC, polyester, polyester-glass fibre, methacrylate, ABS, polyurethane foam, etc, improving adhesion over any system applied later.
+ Behaves as a sealer easy to sand over wood and particle boards.
+ Can be applied as a base over construction materials such as cement, plaster, plaster-boards, etc.

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