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Epoxy amine primer modified with zinc phosphate.
Ultra-quick drying and recoating properties. Cures at temperatures below 0ºC.

  • Short recoating and handling times
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Keeps hard and flexible in the long term
  • Applicable at high build (200 dry microns) with no cracking
  • Cures at low temperatures (-10ºC)
  • Accepts a wide range of finish coatings to be exposed in aggressive environments
  • Direct adhesion over galvanized steel
  • As an intermediate coating over zinc-rich ethyl silicate


+ Certified to be used in aggressive environments C3 High according to norm UNE-EN ISO 12944 and tested according to norm UNE 48315-1.2011 as part of the system: EP06 (100 microns) + PU03 (60 microns).


+ Specially suited as anticorrosion protection over steel in new built systems or maintenance where a quick operation is needed (QD line-Quick drying).
+ To be used indoors and outdoors, in workshops or on field, over tanks, pipes and, generally, over steel structures under highly aggressive environmental conditions (up to C5 – ISO 12944).
+ Industrial environments: chemical and petrochemical industries, paper industry, thermal power plants, waste treatment plants, etc.
+ Marine environments: decks, exposed areas, off-shore platforms, loading areas, etc.

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