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Water-based two-component epoxy coating for floors and walls.
Excellent adhesion over most surfaces and permeability to water vapour.

  • Excellent adhesion over concrete, either dry and wet
  • High hardness and abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Quick drying and operation
  • Good chemical resistance to spills from water, oils, fuels and other chemical products
  • Waterproof
  • Permeable to water vapour
  • Usable as primer to be coated with any kind of paint (water or solvent borne)
  • Easy to wash and decontaminate
  • Applicable in high build
  • Supply anti-carbonation properties to concrete


+ Finish coating for floors when mechanical and chemical requirements are medium/low such as garages, warehouses or industrial floors for pedestrian, cars or forklifts traffic.
+ Applicable over different construction materials such as concrete, asphalt aggregates, mortars or self-levelling cement coatings.
+ Specially suited for enclosed premises in the pharma, sanitary and food industries: supermarkets, veterinary centres, hospitals, labs, slaughterhouses, cold storage units and, generally, premises where a food contact coating is compulsory.
+ Special version for walls available.
+ Zer0 COVs version available for special labs (e.g., in vitro fertilisation labs).
+ High chemical resistance version available for wine cellars.

*Former EP84/EP85

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