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Solvent-free conductive self-levelling epoxy coating.
Protects people, areas and equipment from static charge accumulation on floors and walls.

  • Antistatic bridging power to supply electric continuity to the pavement
  • High abrasion and erosion resistance
  • High hardness and resistance to vehicle traffic
  • Good chemical resistance to attacks from spills and splatters of acids, petrols, diesel oil, solvents, oils and detergents
  • Waterproof
  • Antidust effect
  • Bears substrate’s contractions and expansions caused by thermal changes


+ Suitable to be used indoors, in new constructions, workshops and maintenance works.
+ To be applied over pavements made of concrete and other construction materials.
+ Labs dedicated to electronics, optics, aerospace, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, etc for a correct operation of high-sensibility instrumental equipment.
+ For protecting electronic components by means of a controlled electricity dissipation in facilities manufacturing automotive parts, plants for electronic assembly, digital telecommunications centers, control towers, etc.
+ Industries facing a high explosion risk due to possible spark appearance in a flammable atmosphere, such as chemical and petrochemical plants.
+ For safety retaining walls used to contain storage tanks.
+ Factories working with powders in the presence of combustible or explosive materials.
+ For protecting patients in operating rooms and intensive care units.

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