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Low-viscosity solvent-free epoxy fixative sealer.
Excellent penetration power in substrates such as concrete, cement and epoxy mortars.

  • Reinforces slightly consistent surfaces
  • Solvent-free
  • Low viscosity
  • High penetration power so no dilution needed (although optional)
  • Delivers an excellent adhesion
  • Binder for mortars with sand addition
  • Cohesive sealer for old and new concrete


+ Suitable to be used indoors and outdoors, for new construction and maintenance.
+ Applicable in warehouses, workshops, parking lots, exhibition halls and floors in industries such as pharma, food, industrial or farming.
+ Primer for our conductive system FL06/FL07.
+ To be applied over concrete or cement, either aged and new, as a base for other epoxy or polyurethane finishes.
+ Suitable for highly absorbent surfaces.
+ As a mortar for pavement levelling, mixed with quartz sand and apllied by trowel.
+ Suitable for immersion when recoated with recommended finishing coats.
+ Not recommended as finishing layer for colour quartz systems.

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