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Brilliant aliphatic polyurethane top coat.
Excellent durability-performance ratio

  • Good resistance to corrosion in aggressive environments
  • Chemically resistant to splatters from fresh and sea water, solvents, oils, gasolines and not very aggressive chemical products
  • Resistant to yellowish and chalking
  • Cures at low temperatures (below 0ºC)
  • Long term overcoatability
  • Very good flexibility and adhesion
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in any colour and suitable to be used along with a Tinting System


+ Suitable to be used either indoors and outdoors, in workshops, new constructions and maintenance works.
+ Can be applied over primer or intermediate coat.
+ For protection on metallic structures such as the outside of tanks and pipes, metallic profiles, bridges, handrails, industrial and agricultural machinery, etc.
+ For any kind of environment such as marine platforms, off-shore, refineries, chemical plants, etc
+ For floors where a medium mechanical performance is needed.
+ Not suitable for immersion.
+ Due to its wide versatility, different modified version of this product are offered:
  – Textured version (thixotropic)
  – High gloss version: specially designed for workshops and direct application using aerographic spray (Gloss at 60º: 95%)
  – Quick drying version (only indoors; Total drying: 4 hours)

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Technical sheet (TDS)

Safety data sheet (MSDS)