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Solvent-free epoxy poliamine coating. Suitable for contact with potable water and all kind of liquid fuels, except oxygenated fuel oils.

  • Resistant to refining products from petroleum, fuel, diesel oil, kerosene and water
  • Inert in contact with potable water
  • Excellent brilliant finishing
  • Provides high anticorrosive protection


+ Comply with RD 847/2011 (former RD 866/2008 and RD 118/2003) which sets a list of approved substances for manufacturing plastic materials and objects intended to get in contact with food.
+ Comply with RD 140/2003 which sets the sanitary standards of quality for water suitable for human consumption.
+ Meets specifications of ANSI-AWWA C210-07 for internal pipe coating.


For high construction: tanks, pipes, spare parts and steel surfaces directly in contact with potable water o some fuels.
Applicable over concrete.

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