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Pure novolac phenolic epoxy coating with high chemical resistance.
Excellent resistance to temperature. Resistant to oxigenated gasolines.

  • Excellent chemical resistance for continuous immersion to methanol-oxigenated gasolines (MTBE) and other fuels such as diesel, kerosene, jet-fuel, etc.
  • Supplies resistance to certain solvents, water, saline solution, alcohols, alkalis and certain acids
  • Excellent resistance to temperature, for either immersion in water or hydrocarbons (90-120ºC) and dry heat (200ºC)
  • High solids content. Low VOCs.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Very good resistance to cracking
  • Excellent adhesion over steel


+ Certificated according to Norm UNE 48307 for Class V fluids.
+ Passes dry 200ºC temperature resistance test.


+ For workshops, new construction and industrial maintenance.
+ For internal anticorrosive protection over iron and steel surfaces of tanks, pipes and reservoirs transporting or containing water, refined petrol or several chemical products. In petrochemical plants, ship tanks, etc.
+ In marine environments, for protecting submerged areas, splatter areas and buried surfaces as tanks, pipes, off-shore structures, ships, etc.
+ Over steel and stainless steel surfaces under isolation bearing intermittent operation temperatures up to 200ºC such as equipment vaporizing lines y sytems for decoking fired heaters.

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