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Sistemas y procesos de pintado

 Technical guides for surface preparation and paint application.

Previous preparation of surfaces to be coated is one of the most important parts when painting any kind of structures, either metallic or made of concrete, and it has a great influence on performance and duration of the protection supplied by applied paint.
Here you can find several technical documents written by our expert sregarding correct surface preparation.

Every product manufactured by Pinvisa Coatings is supported by a technical developping process and respecting applying specifications is essential to obtain correct results.
Here you can find several user’s manuals wich will help you to complete a correct aplication of all our products.

You can also look up which coating systems and which products are approved for any different category of ambient conditions.

General guide to applying paintEnglish
General guide to application equipmentEnglish
General guide for surface preparationEnglish
Systems certified painted depending on environmental conditionsEnglish