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High-performance zinc rich silicate primer modified with epoxy.
Excellent cathodic protection with ultra-quick drying and curing.

  • Short recoating and handling time
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Applicable at high build (150 dry microns) without cracking
  • Cures at low temperatures (-10ºC)
  • Recoatable with any intermediate coating with no bubbles or pin-holes formation (no bonding layer needed)
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Easy application by brush, roller or spray gun
  • Accepts a wide range of finishing coats suitable to be exposed to aggressive environments (except saponifiable ones)


+ Certified to be used in C5 aggressive environments according to Norm UNE-EN ISO 12944 and tested according to Norm 48315-1.2011 as part of the following system:

Two-layers system for corrosive environments C5M or C5I
Primer: ZN09 – PV. ESI ZINC PRIMER MOD (80 microns)*
Finish: PU30 – PV. DUR TOP COAT QD (120 microns)

*Over blasted steel grade Sa 2 1/2 (ISO 8501 or SSPC-SP10)


+ Specially suited for steel anticorrosive protection in new construction systems or maintenance when a quick operation is required.
+ To be used indoors and outdoors, in workshops or on field, over tanks, pipes and, generally, steel structures subject to high aggressive atmospheric conditions (C5M or C5I ISO 12944) such as off-shore platforms, refineries, chemical plants, bridges, etc.
+ Excellent performance over silicate shop-primers (ZN13, ZN14).
+ For retouching and maintenance.

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