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    Pinvisa Coatings,
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    Anticorrosive protection for continuous contact with potable water
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    Protecflam: your structures,
    protected against fire
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    the best thermic isolation
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    Villatech Impermeabilizante,
    keep away from water
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    Constant innovation
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    • Paint efficiency calculation

      rendimiento Calculate how many liters of paint are you going to need for your work depending on square meters to be covered, the type of surface or > More information...

    • Paint process

      Procesos de pintado  Technical guides for surface preparation and paint application.Previous preparation of surfaces to be coated is one of the most important parts when painting > More information...

  • 20/07/2015
    (Español) Pinvisa Coatings renueva sus certificaciones ISO

    (Español) Pinvisa Coatings renueva sus certificaciones ISO

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